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EU making ‘catastrophic’ Brexit error – Hunt attacks arrogant Brussels’ negotiating stance

JEREMY HUNT has intervened in Brexit for the first time since leaving the Government in July and has urged the EU to avoid a “historic miscalculation” by refusing to negotiate on Boris Johnson’s latest proposals. Jeremy Hunt warns EU of ‘catastrophic’ Brexit error Jeremy Hunt has written to his former colleagues in the EU urging […]

Middle East shock: Top Al-Qaeda commander killed in joint US-Afghan raid on Taliban

ONE of Al-Qaeda’s top commanders was killed following a US raid on a Taliban compound last month. Taliban leader speaks to SAS veteran about rise of terrorist group Asim Omar, head of the terrorist organisation’s South Asia division, was hiding in the Taliban stronghold of Musa Qala, when the joint US-Afghan attack was carried out on […]

Brexit LIVE: Talks with EU ‘dead’ after explosive Merkel call and Tusk rages at ‘games’

A BREXIT deal between the UK and European Union is “essentially impossible, not just now but for ever” following an explosive phone call between Boris Johnson and Angela Merkel this morning. Brexit: Lib Dem policy is ‘undemocratic’ says Johnson supporter The Prime Minister and German Chancellor spoke on the telephone earlier this morning, with Ms […]

We’re NOT messing around! Boris sends EU furious warning over ‘historic misunderstanding’

Boris Johnson last night warned France’s Emmanuel Macron not to be fooled into believing Britain will delay its departure from the EU. The Prime Minister said it was time to “push forward” to get a deal done in a telephone call with the president. Boris Johnson, Juncker and Barnier (Image: Getty) Now is the time for […]

Boris will win! Hannan outlines key reason EU will regret turning down Brexit proposals

BREXITEER Daniel Hannan has warned the European Union it may regret being reluctant to accept Boris Johnson’s new Brexit proposals if he wins a general election with a decent majority. Brexit: Labour MP reveals ‘best chance’ of stopping no deal The Prime Minister submitted his new plan to the EU with an aim of prevent […]

Jesus Christ discovery: Missing gospel reveals ‘amazing story’ of Messiah’s childhood

A MISSING Bible gospel discovered in Egypt helps give an insight into the childhood of Jesus Christ through its “amazing stories,” according to ethologist Richard Dawkins. Richard Dawkins makes shock claim about the Bible The Gospel of Thomas is the non-canonical Christian doctrine discovered near Nag Hammadi, Egypt, more than half a decade ago. Scholars […]