Nigeria’s 2016 Budget warming up from the works.

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President Muhammadu Buhari is warming up to receive a reworked copy of the 2016 budget any time this week from the National Assembly following the agreement by the lawmakers to remove most of the unbudgeted items they introduced into the fiscal document for pecuniary gains. Reliable sources close to the NASS told Vanguard that the lawmakers had realised that it was wrong for them to have usurped the functions of the executive by introducing items not contemplated by the Presidency into the budget and illegally transferring capital votes to such items. The source said that given the furore that had attended the budget, the National Assembly Committee on Appropriation and Finance had opted to drop its tough stance against the Presidency and remove the vexatious issues that made President Buhari to reject the budget.
2016 Budget
A top source close to the budget document told Vanguard that the lawmakers had agreed to expunge all the illegal projects estimated at about N500 billion, which they inserted into the document for the President’s assent. The source said that the lawmakers had since read the body language of the President that he is not going to shift his grounds as far as the budget is concerned and had decided to remove the vexatious areas to allow peace to reign in the interest of Nigerians. Under the new arrangement, the lawmakers are willing to slash N500 billion which they illegally transferred from key national projects to ‘constituency projects’ to a more reasonable and tolerable N75 billion. The lawmakers came to the decision when they got wind of the resolve of Buhari not to listen to any of them until the distortions done to the budget were removed with immediate effect.
A senior Federal Government official, who is familiar with the budget, confirmed to Vanguard, last night, that the Presidency would not have minded if the insertions done by the lawmakers were not significant enough to affect the overall performance of the budget. “Now if they have reduced their distortion from N500 billion to a manageable N75 billion, it is very likely that the President would gladly assent to the budget,” the official said last night on condition of anonymity. “This President does not want to sign a budget that will not allow him to deliver on his promises to Nigerians and draw the country backwards instead of moving forward,” the source added. Asked if the Presidency would still take steps to sanction those who colluded to distort the budget, the source said the Presidency was keener on implementing measures to reflate the budget than imposing sanctions on erring elements for now. NASS may forward reworked copy to Buhari today.

Nigerian CCT Vs Senate

While Senate President, Saraki wants the CCT Chairman, Danladi to step down from presiding over his (Saraki) trial, the latter argues that the former’s request lacks merit as long as Saraki presides over the Senate. Saraki’s Counsel based his demand on the fact that Danladi has a case to answer with the EFCC, whereas Saraki  himself, does not only have case with EFCC, but is also under trial and at the same time presiding over the Senate of the Federal Republic.


He who comes to equity must do so with clean hands. Both parties seemingly have their hands not only tainted but soiled with indictment by competent Institution of the land. It therefore follows that Saraki would succeed in unseating the CCT Chairman, only if he himself steps aside from the Senate President. This development is an interesting one as it brings to test of the strength of Nigerian Institutions: as The CCT and The Senate (as well the National Assembly) with all their ‘sacredness’, ‘sanctity’ and ‘hallowedness’. No wonder while one of the world leaders recently said that the bane of Africa’s development is the entrenchment of strong personalities and establishment of weak Institutions. It is abnormal for strong personalities to

triumph over weakened institutions. This is why we, in Africa have a long way to go.


If there is any change Nigerians need in our society this time around, it is such change that would start with strengthening of our National Institutions such that rule of law will be given the pride of place where no citizen is above the law. Can Nigerians rightly expect President Buhari to bring this product in his ‘change basket’?

Danladi Umar
Danladi Umar

Bukola Saraki
Bukola Saraki

Thank God for A good Result

I wish to publicly appreciate Almighty God for the good performance displayed by my daughter in recently concluded Joint Admission Matriculation Board entrance examination to the universities, 2016 edition. I thank God greatly for granting her good health and mental enablement to excel in the event.

We look forward to her achieving similar feat in the subsequent Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination that would prequalify her entry to the University. To my princess, Chidera, I say more grease to your elbows. Please do not rest on your oars.

My Amazon
My Amazon, Chidera



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