NASS Committee Hard Put To Rework The Budget To President’s Model

Abuja—Key ministers, who are members of the special committee raised by the Presidency to work with the National Assembly towards an acceptable budget, yesterday, continued in the waiting game. This is because the document was still not ready for Mr. President’s signature despite several assurances to that effect. In spite of several assurances that the National Assembly had completed work on the document as requested by the President, it was still not ready at 7p.m. yesterday.

Investigations revealed that members of the National Assembly committee were hard put to remove most of the vexatious items as demanded by the President and restore the votes originally earmarked for other projects and services. According to impeccable sources the major problem with the budget was how to remove most of the ‘padding’ from the budget and get the money allocated to them into other uses. It was learned that some members were protective of their projects and were not too keen to get them, and the amount attached to them, off.